This place surely feels like home and is bitter sweet to leave.  I highly and will gladly recommend Albuquerque Barber College over any other Barber/Cosmetology School.  Just for the simple fact that its raw, uncut real education.


I appreciate the Albuquerque Barber College staff for their assistance.  This is a place where serious individuals can control their learning experience.  My overall experience was positive.  I enjoyed the structure of theory class daily. The homework and project requirements were beneficial to ensure learning and understanding.


My experience at the Albuquerque Barber College was inspiring to me because I've learned a skill that has a great tradition.  Seeing Pierre talk about the barbering tradition with such respect, love, and motivation inspired me to continue to keep it alive.  Pierre thank you for teaching me your skill I will never forget this school.  I will always speak very highly of you and your school.


I enjoyed my time here. I learned lots of things and met lots of people. If I had to do it all over I wouldn't even hesitate to come to this school.  I had fun and wouldn't change a thing.


My experience here at the Albuquerque Barber College was one of the highlights in my life. The instructors were patient with me and pushed me to be better.  Being here at ABC also helped me mature into a better person, barber, and a better father.

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